Tuesday, August 23, 2011

there is so much that interests me...

I know I have time—a lifetime, and hopefully a long one, if I'm lucky—to study any subject I like, but I just wish I could take courses in Psychology and Women's Studies and Spanish on top of Literature and Mass Communication, and Creative Writing, maybe some Sociology, maybe some Philosophy (well, scratch that last one. Existentialism was enough for me). Psychology is especially something I think I could be good at and want to learn more about. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my major for anything. I just love learning more now than ever and am slightly repelled by the idea of focusing on a single field in the near future, i.e. journalism (maybe that's a red flag?).
Or maybe I'm just anxious because I feel like I'm forever rapidly running out of time. Is that silly?
I wish I had studied Literature abroad. I wish I had considered getting my teacher licensure, just in case. Wishing does no good. It's all about now. I am so perpetually entangled in everything but now.

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