Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Too much to process; not enough words.
Are empaths real? Am I crazy for wondering if I have some of those traits? Yep. Now that I've written it out, it seems crazy. Often I am not readily warm because 1) I have a hard time trusting others and 2) I shut down as a coping mechanism. I feel too much. Maybe I'm just looking for an answer or a label. I am absolutely not one of those "new age"-minded people. I'm a skeptic. I just wish I understood why I feel so inundated with emotions I can't understand. Why things stick with me for days, weeks. Why I get such a powerful sense of people I barely know. Or what I am struggling against and trying to suppress.
Don't let this post give you the wrong idea—I'm happy with life lately. Lots of positive energy. I am just trying to make sense of so much.
I feel like I could type "agiajegoianrgad" and it would make about as much sense.
I wish I had someone to talk to, about everything. Maybe that's what therapists are for. I could pay a stranger to listen to me vent and prescribe a solution.
Or not.

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