Monday, June 6, 2011

how to feel

I think and feel so much, especially on vacation when I'm inundated with new sights and sounds, especially around family, especially when I have free time to think. Yet I feel like I can't express anything, at least not adequately. Of course, no one can, but the issue becomes more overwhelming when I'm feeling a thousand things at once and trying to process so many thoughts and observations. Sometimes I think I feel too much. Then when I do communicate, I'm constantly nagged by the awareness that I'm only rattling off programmed responses—meanwhile a whole sea of emotions stirs beneath the veneer.
Focusing on these magnified inevitabilities only prevents me from engaging with my surroundings.
But, I've written all this before.
Anyway, beautiful trip so far. As frustrating as family can be, they're also such a blessing.

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