Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a fresh start

So, I had posts dating back to about a year ago, maybe even earlier than that. But I think I'm ready to say goodbye to the past, so I deleted all of them in hopes that their absence might inspire me to start fresh and update more regularly.
I've always had trouble with blogging. I've been journaling since I first learned how to write - in fact I have a huge load of them in bins in my closet - but I'm never sure what to write about once my personal journaling becomes public. Inevitably this strips away some of the personal aspects. What does that leave? Entertainment only? Should I just post pictures and recipes and clever anecdotes? I think the blogs that become truly successful are the ones that develop a clear, unique, appealing identity and maintain it. I'm not sure if I have the capacity or drive to do that.
But, here I am, again. I could tell you what I'm reading (Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang) or what I made for dinner (cheese grits with swiss chard and garbanzo beans. Sounds fancy, but it's totally not, and also I am by no means a cook) or where I am (home, temporarily until my internship starts. Parents can be frustrating, but being here is so utterly calming, for the most part. I wonder when "home" will become a place other than the house I grew up in) or what I'm listening to (White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes) or what I'm drinking (tap water) or how I'm feeling (content, maybe a little restless. Deeper, though? How deep can we go on a blog? This is why I'd rather write a shitty, obscure poem that can hide away in my documents forever), but why does anyone care?
Because, I suppose, we all like to feel connected. So here's my blog, not so snazzy and not so insightful, but I'll do what I can. Or what I want.

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